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Kitchen Backsplashes

Enhance your brand-new kitchen design with a stunning tile or Corian backsplash.

A Backsplash Should be Functional & Fashionable

Kitchen backsplashes come in a variety of materials; you can use ceramic, corian, mosaics, glass, and marble tile. It can even be as elaborate as a complex piece of art behind your countertop. This is a designer trick to add dimension to the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen design.

You can create a focal point in your kitchen by using a different color or pattern above cooking areas. That’s the ideal place to splurge on a more expensive tile, or simply choosing another color to place above the stove or sink, while finishing the rest of the kitchen using more affordable materials.

Marble Backsplash

Find the Perfect Backsplash

Some homeowners find it difficult to visualize the result or they are challenged when it comes to color or material selection. And all too often, you are required to make too many decisions in too short of a timeframe. If you know you are prone to analysis paralysis, do yourself a favor and give yourself some planning and coordination time to weigh your options, but have a firm deadline so you are decisive. Engage the assistance of a friend or hire a design professional to help guide through the process.

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