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Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Cabinets Built to Last

The most visible parts of your kitchen cabinetry are the doors. Since our kitchens are built to last a lifetime, we encourage you to choose a kitchen cabinet door that will make your kitchen a timeless and aesthetically-pleasing delight for years to come. Find your dream kitchen’s most important attribute within our cabinet collections and styles below.

Distressed Gray Kitchen Cabinets
Blue Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Doors

What type of cabinets are you looking for?

Laminate  Glass  Wood

Laminate Cabinet Doors

Laminate Cabinet Doors

Laminate is the most versatile option on the market. In addition to being available in a wide range of colors and finishes, modern technology has allowed laminate cabinets to look exactly like their real wood counterparts. Our laminate doors are offered in more than 16 different styles, from traditional and ornate to minimalist and Shaker. Laminate cabinets are more affordable than wood cabinetry and much easier to maintain. They're also less vulnerable to heavy wear and tear, making them an ideal option for young families. We back our Maintenance-Free Laminate Cabinets with a Lifetime of Homeownership warranty because we're confident in their quality and know they will last.

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Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinets elevate the style of any kitchen and we have designs for any architectural style. They're a beautiful option when you want to display attractive china and kitchenware, or to add an element of artistry into your kitchen. Our glass cabinet doors are available in a variety of glass textures, including those that emulate reeds and tree bark, seeded, and frosted glass. Choose mullions for an English cottage look or let us design custom doors to your taste. Whether you choose glass doors for the entirety of your cabinetry, or for select locations, they are a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

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Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Wood Cabinet Doors

Wood doors are a classic choice. They are elegant, long-lasting, and the beautiful wood grains visible underneath the stain are akin to a finger print, with each one being unique. We offer a wide range of wood kitchen cabinet doors, including cherry, maple, red oak, walnut and more. Keep in mind that, unlike laminate, wood cabinet doors require routine maintenance to preserve their upscale look. That being said, we offer high-quality protective finishes that can help to keep your wood cabinet doors looking like new.

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Wood Cabinet Doors

Knobs and Pulls Are a Cabinet's Best Friend

Not only does cabinet hardware serve as jewelry for your cabinetry—door knobs and drawer pulls are functional items that make your cabinets easier to open and close, as well as protect them from wear and tear.

Free Top 5 Cabinet Door Download by Kitchen Magic

Kitchen Magic offers a comprehensive selection of wood kitchen cabinet doors for both full kitchen remodeling and cabinet refacing projects. We only provide our clients with top-of-the-line wood cabinetry which is available in both classic and contemporary designs to suit your unique style preferences. For professional kitchen cabinet installations, work with Kitchen Magic to achieve incredible transformation results that last a lifetime.

What are Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Kitchen cabinets can make or break the design of your kitchen as they make up the majority of your kitchen’s wall space. The main feature of kitchen cabinets is the doors which cover up the kitchen cabinet interior. Kitchen cabinet doors transform the look of the kitchen and reflect the unique personality of the homeowner. They also conceal the mess inside the kitchen cabinets which store all the different household items like utensils, dishware, pots and pans, food packaging, and more.

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Without kitchen cabinet doors, cabinetry will remain simply as shelves. The doors are what make kitchen cabinets fully functional in providing the necessary storage space that is required by the household. Kitchen cabinet doors also keep the contents inside secure and in place which may fall out and create a mess.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors that We Offer

At Kitchen Magic, clients can expect to select from a broad array of colors and styles of wood cabinet doors for their remodeling projects. The vast cabinetry options we offer consist of high-quality furniture-grade wood that is both aesthetically appealing and fully functional. We only make use of the finest materials to produce our cabinetry to deliver a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our kitchen cabinet doors feature realistic wood grains that add a level of sophistication and elegance to your cabinet layout. Our kitchen cabinet doors are built to withstand prolonged wear and tear caused by regular usage.

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Doors

There is a series of designs and styles that homeowners can select for their kitchen cabinet doors. By choosing the right combination, homeowners can showcase their individuality through their kitchen cabinet layout. The first step to take is to choose a suitable cabinet door profile. This is followed by narrowing down the different styles available. Homeowners can then decide on the type of wood and color they are looking for while considering both appearance and function. These decisions need to be based on the type of organization layout that the homeowners have in mind.

Why Choose Kitchen Magic's Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Our professional craftsmen at Kitchen Magic make use of furniture-grade wood to produce our wide selection of kitchen cabinet doors. The lumber that we utilize is of the highest quality which is just as eco-friendly. You can rest assured knowing that you get to enjoy superior cabinetry that is built to last a lifetime. Nevertheless, Kitchen Magic still offers a 5-year warranty for our wood products as we believe in standing by you even after you have started enjoying the amazing results delivered by our experienced installers.

For more information about our kitchen cabinet doors, feel free to contact us today. You can also call us at (800) 237-0799.

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