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Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Cabinets made from North American furniture-grade hardwood.


Top of the Line Wood Cabinetry

If you're looking for a classic and timeless kitchen design, then consider choosing wood cabinets for your remodel. At Kitchen Magic, we offer a large variety of cabinetry options made of the highest quality furniture-grade wood. Only the finest products are used for your kitchen project—trust us you'll be happy with the results.

Our Wood Cabinets Are Superior

Our furniture-grade wood is second only to our top-notch kitchen designs. Made of the highest quality lumber, our wood and finishes are the eco-friendly options you’ll want to include in your home.


Furniture-Grade Quality

Furniture-grade wood is the top of the line in kitchen cabinetry materials. With realistic wood grains, our planks add a level of elegance and sophistication to your space. Plus, our wood doors are built to handle the wear and tear from your family for years to come. Reinvest in the heart of your home with a high-quality product.

North American Lumber

We’re proud to use North American products for all our kitchen remodels. With materials made here, we know our wood cabinets are free from toxins. They’re eco-friendly for you and the environment—products from closer to home mean less fuel to transport from foreign countries. Choose wood, the economical choice for your kitchen remodel!

5-Year Warranty

We know our wood products are top of the line. That’s why we back our wood cabinetry with a 5-year warranty for as long as you're in the home. At Kitchen Magic, we stand by you throughout the kitchen remodel process so it's no surprise we stand by what we do. We want you to enjoy your new kitchen—with our warranty you'll rest easy.
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Wood That Won’t Jeopardize Your Home’s Air Quality

Our wood is sourced from North American lumber for a reason. We know that it's free from toxic preservatives often found in foreign lumber. A kitchen remodel shouldn't put your family in danger—when you choose our wood cabinetry, there won't be any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Breathe easy and enjoy your fresh, new kitchen with fresh, clean air.

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