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modern commercial cabinet refacing services for senior living spaces and luxury apartments modern commercial cabinet refacing services for senior living spaces and luxury apartments

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Cutting-edge commercial rapid remodels for expedient results.

Enriching your space, one room at a time

At the heart of every luxury condominium, apartment, or senior living facility lies a space with a ton of potential. This is the philosophy that guides our B2B services across a myriad of settings, including luxury apartments and senior living communities. We've built our reputation on cozy kitchen nooks that spark conversation, custom commercial cabinetry that makes organization a breeze, and varied work surfaces that fit just right. We excel in 'rapid remodels,' mostly cabinet refacing, reducing turnaround time and keeping your turnaround time low.

Commercial spaces

Custom commercial cabinetry redefined

Our core mission is to offer competitively priced custom cabinets for commercial spaces, swift cabinet remodels, and other hassle-free design solutions.

As leading experts, we've served more than 60,000 clients with the same commitment to quality.

If your luxury apartment or senior living facility needs a facelift or you're interested in kitchen cabinet door replacement cost, take advantage of many cost-effective options.

Kitchen Magic handles all the details during our rapid kitchen remodels, from design to production and installation for the quickest turnaround possible.

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Senior living

Luxury senior living remodeling

If you’re a manager of a senior living facility looking for a luxurykitchen and bathroom remodel, we’re a company you can depend on. 

A rapid kitchen remodel can significantly increase your property rental value while staying within budget constraints. Our rapid remodels for senior living facilities are fast and efficient, finishing up projects so you can get back to using your space in no time.

Senior living

Kitchens in any setting

Commercial kitchen remodeling

No matter the setting, our luxury remodeling and kitchen design are tailored to your specifications. Our seasoned team knows how to keep your project on schedule and on budget with minimal interruptions. Rest assured, this efficiency comes without compromising on the quality of our work at your luxury apartment complex.

No matter if you opt for custom commercial kitchen cabinets or anything else, Kitchen Magic can meet your expectations, leaving you with a space that's both functional and visually appealing.

Kitchens in any setting

Cabinetry, storage, work surfaces

Interior commercial designs for a new era of productivity

Let our team tailor your commercial cabinetry and countertops to suit your space's specific needs. Trust in us to deliver exceptional commercial storage solutions, crafted with uniqueness and quality in mind. We're here to revitalize your space, whether you need rapid cabinet refacing or simple door replacement. We use only the best materials and rely on experienced workmanship. Our designers have the perfect solution for your space, from classic wood that never goes out of style to sleek, high-gloss finishes.
Cabinetry storage work

Frequently Asked Questions

How to renovate your senior living space?

Typical aging in place remodeling services include:

  • Needs assessment: Evaluate your current facility, consult with residents and staff.
  • Safety upgrades: Install handrails, improve lighting, and update emergency systems.
  • Improved accessibility: Widen doorways, lower countertops, and add ramps where necessary.
  • Comfortable furnishings: Choose ergonomic furniture and adjustable fixtures.
  • Social spaces: Redesign common areas to encourage community and activities.
  • Ample storage: Update cabinetry and closets for easy accessibility and organization.
  • New technologies: Implement Wi-Fi, health monitoring devices, and digital entertainment options.
  • Minimal disruption: Schedule construction in phases and during less active hours.

In case you’re not sure where to start, feel free to give us a call. As experienced assisted living remodeling contractors, we’ll offer solutions that fit you best and support you every step of the way.

What is the difference between a regular kitchen and a commercial kitchen?

When you compare a residential kitchen to commercial kitchen remodeling, the most noticeable differences are the size and the setup. The latter come with heftier cooking gear capable of operating at a higher rate and volume. 

If you're thinking about shaking things up at your commercial property by sprucing up the existing design or just looking for custom cabinets for commercial spaces, don't hesitate to reach out. We can discuss the remodel of your luxury apartments or senior living facilities in detail and find a solution that works for you.

Can I replace cabinet glass doors?

Kitchen cabinet glass door replacement may seem straightforward, but it's typically recommended to seek expert help due to several factors:

  • Safety concerns: Handling glass, especially in commercial spaces, requires specific safety precautions to avoid injury. Professionals are trained to handle and install glass safely.
  • Proper tools and techniques: Experts have the right tools and know the most effective techniques for commercial kitchen cabinet installation, ensuring the glass is cut to the correct size and installed without damage.
  • Quality assurance: Professional installation comes with the assurance that the job will be done correctly, minimizing the risk of issues such as misalignment, which can lead to glass breakage.
  • Time and efficiency: An experienced installer can complete this commercial job more quickly and efficiently, saving you time and hassle.
  • Warranty and liability: Work done by a professional often comes with a warranty. If you do it yourself and something goes wrong, you bear the cost.
Why reface your existing cabinets?

Refacing old kitchen cabinets in a commercial setting is a smart choice for several reasons:

  • Cost efficiency: Refacing is typically more affordable than completely replacing cabinetry, which can be a significant cost saver, especially in larger kitchens.
  • Time-saving: The process is quicker than a full replacement, meaning less downtime for the kitchen and minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.
  • Aesthetic upgrade: It offers an opportunity to update the look and feel of a commercial kitchen without the extensive work involved in a full renovation.
  • Customization: Refacing allows for customization to match the current interior design trends or specific business requirements.
Where can I find professionals who specialize in commercial remodeling services & interior design?

Here at Kitchen Magic, you can find a large collection of contemporary designs that will bring both appeal and quality to your space. But our expertise doesn’t end with commercial remodel and storage solutions. Feel free to reach out of you need any of the following: 

Dreaming of a new kitchen? We're here to make it happen, just give us a call!










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