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Ever wondered what makes a kitchen luxurious? Or how custom cabinets can alter the entire dynamic of your space? Whether you're yearning for a more streamlined, versatile setup or aiming for a harmonious, aesthetically pleasing ambiance, we hold the key to metamorphosing an outdated kitchen into an energy-filled and practical gathering place. Our Kitchen Magic mavens bring a wealth of experience and talent to each of our kitchen remodels, ensuring that Fairfield County customers receive the quality service and exemplary workmanship we're celebrated for.

We're at your disposal throughout the entire Fairfield County

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, you can rely on our remodeling services.

Give your home a makeover with a kitchen remodel in Cos Cob

Thinking about sprucing up your home with a kitchen renovation? Well, you're at the right place! Our Cos Cob pros areready to roll up their sleeves and make your kitchen look brand new. Unlike other kitchen remodelers, we're highlymotivated experts, eager to turn your kitchen around.

We've got it all, from custom kitchen cabinets to striking countertops, to anything else your heart desires. So, whywait? Give your kitchen the glow it deserves!

A professional cabinet refacing in Danbury

Are you interested in professional cabinet refacing in Danbury? You can't go wrong with Kitchen Magic! With our team,you'll have stylish cabinets that make the busiest room in your home run smoothly.

To ensure sturdy and maintenance-free cabinets, we use only high-quality materials and the most advanced technology. Getin touch with us, browse our impressive collection of cabinet and kitchen remodels, and tell us what you have in mind!

One of the best kitchen remodeling companies in Fairfield

Over the course of its forty-plus-year history, the Kitchen Magic team has understood that aesthetics are just asimportant as functionality. Because of this, our highly skilled kitchen remodelers in Fairfield take a number of factorsinto account when planning your kitchen space.

While we're the ones handling your project, your input is extremely valuable to us. This is the perfect opportunity toadd your personal touch to the design be it through custom cabinets or cabinet refacing, lending it that distinctivetouch. Why not give us a buzz about your design ideas? Creating your kitchen fantasy is our top priority!

A leader in custom-made cabinetry in Greenwich

As a company, we're proud to say that we've established ourselves as a leader in kitchen remodeling and custom cabinetryin Greenwich. Our favorite thing about them is that they become a well-kept secret ingredient – a mysterious and oftenunderappreciated component that enhances the overall essence of a kitchen. Designed according to your specificrequirements, they provide ample storage while subtly complementing the rest of your space.

What’s more, we’ll completely transform your kitchen area, lending it an air of spaciousness and organization. Theinherent charm of customized kitchen cabinets lies in their ability to balance functionality with aesthetics, creating aharmonious space that is uniquely yours.

Your go-to kitchen remodeling company in New Canaan

As your trusty kitchen renovation team in New Canaan for years, our approach to kitchen remodeling serves a greaterpurpose - it's a symphony of thoughtful design, utility, and a sprinkle of personal charm. We think of it as acustom-made suit, carefully tailored down to the last stitch to match your exact specifications. When we roll up oursleeves for a remodel, we combine the latest materials with the most attractive design trends.

But more than that, we make sure your kitchen makes you happy. Because at the end of the day, we believe it should bemore than just an aesthetic triumph. With us, you can count on a personalized cooking space that combines form andfunction and makes you feel at home.

Custom & refaced cabinets built to your specifications in Monroe

As an experienced custom kitchen cabinet company, we understand that cabinets are so much more than a storage solution.Not only are they a great source of storage, but they also add a touch of class and grandeur to your kitchen. The reasonwhy we're different is that we're not just refacing or completely rebuilding cabinets - rather, we're creating a spacetailored to your individual taste.

Using tried-and-tested techniques and the latest tools, Kitchen Magic is ready to give your old cabinets in Monroe afresh lease of life. Count on us to guide you through the entire remodeling process, keeping you in the loop so thereare no surprises.

Reliable kitchen remodelers in New Fairfield
Rely on our team of kitchen remodelers and custom cabinet designers to transform your cooking space in New Fairfield. All you need to do is give us your wishes and we’ll start working on getting them from paper to fruition. We have years of experience working with clients across the area, ensuring they receive the kitchen they’ve always wanted without breaking the bank. Our modern, sleek, and reasonably priced solutions ensure you revitalize your cooking area and get excited for making magic happen again.
The most trusted cabinet refacing service in Newtown

So, are you all set to explore the fascinating world of cabinet remodeling? Here's the scoop - we're listening to whatNewtown residents want, and we're incorporating their unique ideas into our storage solutions. You might be thinkingabout jumping on the open shelving bandwagon, or perhaps you want to go all out with impressive floor-to-ceilingcabinets. No matter your preferences, our team will make your dreams a reality. So, if you're on the hunt for abudget-friendly fix, give us a shout. Let's chat about your tastes, desired objectives, and timeline, and let's get yourproject off the ground!

Using tried-and-tested techniques and the latest tools, Kitchen Magic is ready to give your old cabinets in Monroe afresh lease of life. Count on us to guide you through the entire remodeling process, keeping you in the loop so thereare no surprises.

Stunning kitchen remodels in Old Greenwich

As seasoned kitchen remodeling pros, it's our job to create gorgeous kitchen remodels and customized cabinets in OldGreenwich. To get the ball rolling, we suggest you start with something pretty straightforward - jot down what you wantfrom your kitchen. Are you an aspiring master chef, or do you prefer quick, no-fuss meals? Do you dream of a spaciouscountertop for all your baking adventures, or are you on the hunt for extra storage for your diverse arsenal of cookingutensils and gadgets?

Your answers to these questions aren't just information for us - they're the blueprint for the remodel you want. Byblending these individual aspects, Kitchen Magic will create a cooking area that isn't just a treat for the eyes, butalso ticks all the boxes on your wishlist.

Create a stylish kitchen in Redding with custom made cabinetry

As a professional kitchen remodeling company, we're excited to help you inject some serious style into your Reddingkitchen with a kitchen cabinet makeover. Crafted to your exact needs, they fit seamlessly into your space. These littlegems can magically transform your kitchen, making it look roomier, tidier, and more in tune with your personal style andthe overall vibe of your home.

But our work isn't just about putting up cabinets; it's about creating an environment tailored just for you, mirroringyour vision, taste, and lifestyle. That's our secret recipe for turning ordinary kitchens into dazzling ones.

Chose professional cabinet refacing in Ridgefield
Choosing cabinets that are stylish and durable will enhance the look during your kitchen remodel in Ridgefield. Plus,you can trust our kitchen experts at Kitchen Magic to help you pick the right materials, colors, and finishes.

Our team works hard to incorporate your ideas while also making suggestions that are in line with your goals. So, whynot take the first step and contact our whiz design team? Check out our cabinet collection, and let us help you createthe kitchen you’ve always wanted.
Full-service kitchen remodeling in Southport
As skilled kitchen remodeling contractors, it’s our pleasure to provide full-on, no-hold-barred kitchen transformationsin Southport. It's no secret that every homeowner has their own unique vision for making their kitchen more appealing.That's why we make sure to lend an attentive ear, ensuring no detail slips through the cracks.

But we're not just about ticking off your wishlist; we also provide solutions that help you carve out a cooking areathat you'll be smitten with for the long haul. So why not drop us a line? Book a free design consultation with theKitchen Magic team and let us know what you think!

Your go-to kitchen remodeling services in Fairfield County

Our guiding principles marry both beauty and function. Consequently, our designs are known for their superior durability and aesthetics, which has earned us an excellent reputation.


In-person consultation

We begin with thoroughly understanding your requirements, discussing your desired outcomes, and exploring creative kitchen fixes that are ideally suited to your home.


Expert project leadership

Our project coordinator will be your reliable ally during the entire project. They'll be there to support you throughout and will regularly update you on how the improvements are progressing.


Craftsmanship at its best

As soon as we have all the details about your custom kitchen cabinets and countertops, our team begins the installation, choosing materials that are durable and attractive.


Extensive warranties

The moment we've gathered all the specifics about your kitchen cabinets and countertops, our team gets to work, choosing durable, attractive materials you’ll love for years to come. 

*Kitchen Magic warrants our laminate products under reasonable home use and service for as long as you, the Buyer, own your home. Labor on all products is warranted for one (1) year from date of job completion. For a full description of our warrantyclick here.

Revitalize your kitchen with a modern makeover

Invest in a kitchen space that reflects your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to plan a kitchen renovation?

If kitchen makeovers aren't your strong suit or you're new to this whole process, it's a pretty good idea to reach outto your local experts in kitchen remodeling. Just drop us a line and we'd be delighted to offer you a free,no-strings-attached consultation.

You can also rely on us to arrange for a comprehensive consultation at your Fairfield County residence to discuss yourneeds and expectations. We'll then be able to determine your budget and plan your project accordingly.

What includes a kitchen remodeling project?

When you sign on for our specialized kitchen remodeling services, you're in for a full-on treatment that usually blends together the following ingredients:

  • Jazzing up your kitchen cabinets
  • Crafting one-of-a-kind cabinets
  • Sprucing up countertops
  • Boosting your storage options
  • Revamping your flooring
  • Adding a dash of pizzazz with backsplashes

Feel free to give us a call for more info!

Are custom-built cabinets worth it?

When you engage a company specializing in custom made kitchen cabinets, you're not just sprucing up your kitchen's look, but you're also adding long-term value to your home. Plus, they come with distinct charm - the power to seamlessly integrate with your kitchen layout, making sure no corner is left unused. This gives you the chance to create a design that reflects your personal style, in harmony with the rest of your Fairfield County home.

How can I make my old cabinets look better without replacing them?

Do you want to give your kitchen a fresh look without spending a fortune? Cabinet refacing could be the perfect option for you. You'll get to enjoy the perks of a full cabinet overhaul, but at a more pocket-friendly price. Contact us anytime for more information!

Who offers kitchen remodeling services & cabinet refacing near me in Fairfield County?

Having served thousands of satisfied customers for over 40 years, we are the leading provider of design-driven kitchenremodeling throughout Fairfield County, including Bridgeport and other areas. Whether your heart is set on top-notchcustom-built cabinets and countertops for your newly built house, or you're planning to breathe new life back into yourold kitchen cabinets, our skilled professionals are at your service.

All of our services are available across the entire region, so feel free to turn to us for efficient cabinet remodelingin New London or modern kitchen updates in Tolland County. Reach out to us today and let's design your kitchen the wayyou want it!

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