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Kitchen Magic reliably performs quartz, solid surface, laminate, and granite countertop installation, which can be the perfect addition to your home in Elizabeth or another part of New Jersey. With our sturdy materials and tailored, aesthetic solutions carefully designed just for you, your family will enjoy a higher level of convenience. Take your cooking experience to a new level and savor every moment in your new and improved kitchen.

Discover the quality of our quartz, granite & laminate countertops in Elizabeth

Our system is built on our extensive experience and the tried-and-tested methods we’ve honed along the way. We begin the process by conducting an initial consultation to determine your goals and ideas for the project. Next, our designers create exhaustive plans for your project, always checking in with you to ensure they suit your preferences. In the final stage, we send out the best countertop installers across New Jersey to complete the process.


Solid surface countertops offer excellent resilience and effortless maintenance.


With quartz countertops, you can create a compelling color scheme and boost practicality.


You’ll get a resilient and aesthetic solution with our granite countertop installation.


Laminate countertop installation is simple and effective and the material is durable and versatile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you replace a kitchen countertop?

Kitchen countertop installation is a great way to upgrade your home in Elizabeth and other areas across New Jersey and an excellent alternative to fully replacing your cabinets. It’s performed in a multistep process and the methods used have a big impact on the overall success of the project. Here’s what it typically involves:

  • Disconnecting the gas and water supply lines
  • Removing the range and sink
  • Loosening the screws and caulking that hold old countertops in place
  • Removing the old units
  • Cutting out the space for the range and sink
  • Fitting and securing the new storage solutions in place
Is it hard to change kitchen countertops?
The installation process requires meticulous planning and precise execution. Since even the smallest mistakes can lead to subpar results, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The best countertop installers in Elizabeth and throughout NJ have extensive training and experience, so you can rest assured that they’ll carry it out properly. 
Can I replace my own countertops?
It’s not advisable to undertake this task without trained kitchen countertop installers to help you. By hiring one of the reliable companies in Elizabeth or the nearby areas of New Jersey is a guarantee that the job will be done right. Otherwise, you could risk getting impractical and underwhelming results or even hurting yourself in the process.
How long does it take to install a countertop?
The time it takes to perform a kitchen countertop installation depends on the size of the kitchen and the material you select. In general, when it’s performed by proficient installers, the process will take a few days only. You’ll be able to enjoy all the perks of this home improvement project without having to wait for a long time.
Where do I find the best kitchen countertop installers near me in Elizabeth, NJ & the vicinity?

Kitchen Magic is one of the most trusted kitchen remodeling companies in New Jersey and other states across the U.S. Our team will install your granite, quartz, solid surface, or laminate countertops in an expertise-based process. Not only will it help you save up, but it’ll also be a very effective upgrade for your home. You’ll have a comfortable and streamlined kitchen to come back to after your visit to the Branch Brook Park or Mattano Park.

Also, count on our crew to breathe new life into your worn kitchen cabinets or enhance the functionality of your laundry room. We’re at your disposal, so share your ideas with us and get a step closer to making them happen!

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Why go for our expert kitchen countertop installation?


We bring you a range of handy features

You can choose from multiple beautiful and convenient features, like modern color schemes, stylish finishes, and personalized styles.

You get expert design advice & guidance

Our qualified designers will be by your side every step of the way to make sure that the final outcome meets your requirements.

You get a modern & functional addition

We’ll update your space with a feature that’s resistant to damage and heat. Cleaning and maintenance will also be a breeze.

We meticulously manage every project

Our team meticulously handles the whole process, from the initial planning to the final kitchen countertop installation.

Our materials are both durable & beautiful

Pick a laminate, solid surface, granite, or quartz countertops to get top-performing solutions for your space.

Our models are precisely manufactured

To ensure your satisfaction, we partner with the leading brands in the field, such as Formica, Corian, Wilsonart, and Cambria.

Choose our countertops & reap maximum value!

We’ll update your kitchen so it meets the highest standards in design and practicality.

Why we are the top experts in kitchen cabinet refacing near you


Long warranty periods

Thanks to our warranties, we’ll be at your disposal if you experience any problems or malfunctions. Rely on us for lasting satisfaction.

Premium materials

Our materials are completely safe and suitable for home use, so don’t fret about malodorous or harmful substances entering your home.

Produced in the USA

Our fellow Americans come to us to enjoy true, unwavering quality. Since they’re sourced and produced locally, they’re a reliable option.

Original stylistic choices

Feel free to experiment with the colors, finishes, and features of your new countertops. Find the combination that brings you joy.

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On your CUSTOM kitchen remodel.

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