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Kitchen Cabinets

Updated Cabinets Make All the Difference

Did you know cabinetry typically makes up about 80% of the visual space in the kitchen? The most impactful change you can make in your kitchen is to update your cabinets.

Make the most out of your kitchen project by choosing a cabinet upgrade solution that will reinvigorate your kitchen-space. Kitchen Magic has options that allow you to choose the perfect cabinets for your design-taste, as well as your budget.

Cabinet Installation Options

When it comes to cabinet installation, Kitchen Magic offers two solutions that enable you to get the exact look you've been wanting—based on your timeline and your budget.

Custom Cabinetry

When you choose custom cabinetry, your cabinets are completely replaced and uniquely designed to fit your household's kitchen design, function and layout. Give your kitchen the ultimate renovation with our top quality, American-made custom cabinets.
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new cabinets can transform your kitchen

Cabinet Refacing

You don’t need to have your kitchen ripped out and rebuilt from scratch in order to have a grand transformation. You can have the look and function of your kitchen updated with cabinet refacing in less than a week, at half the cost of entirely new cabinetry.

The Magic is in Our Process

Kitchen remodeling can be overwhelming. But we’re a one-stop-shop and we ONLY do kitchens, so we’ve perfected the process. Your kitchen gets transformed with less stress, in less time, at an amazing value—so you can finally start enjoying the kitchen you've always wanted.
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Kitchen Magic provides exceptional kitchen remodeling services to offer a complete design overhaul or partial refurbishing refit. We are able to work on existing cabinet layouts and materials or develop new custom cabinetry depending on the needs of your kitchen. Consult our design specialists to obtain the necessary design advice that best suits your individual needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Kitchen Cabinets?
Kitchen cabinets are built-in furniture that are installed in the kitchen to serve as storage compartments. They are available in a series of designs, styles, and sizes to cater to the different needs of each household. Kitchen cabinets are usually used for storing food products, cooking utensils, silverware, dishes, and more. Some kitchen cabinets come with a built-in kitchen range and hood as well as a dishwasher. These are additional appliances that users can choose to include in their cabinet installation process. Kitchen cabinets are commonly built using high-quality plywood with a variety of materials for their doors and knobs.
Benefits of Kitchen Cabinets?
Kitchen cabinetry is the main design feature of every kitchen. Apart from determining the layout of the entire kitchen, kitchen cabinets are also essential to provide adequate storage space. They are highly functional in keeping the kitchen neat and well-organized at all times. They conceal the mess created by the piles of dishes, heaps of food packaging, and more.
Kitchen Cabinets that We Offer?
Kitchen Magic offers exclusive American-made custom European-style cabinetry. Every segment of our cabinetry is installed by certified professionals with years of industry experience. We also offer an extensive selection of state-of-the-art kitchen accessories which comprise backsplash, under cabinet lighting, tile flooring, kitchen accessibility solutions, cabinet storage upgrades, and other decorative accessories in a series of styles and colors.
How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets?
There are plenty of factors that you need to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets to ensure that your needs are duly met. You can start by first deciding on whether you are going custom or prefabricated. Custom cabinets are recommended as you can get the exact size and style you need. Next is to select the style of cabinet doors that you are looking for. Cabinet doors are the main feature of kitchen cabinetry, and they project the main focal point of your kitchen’s interior style. Following this, you can go ahead to decide on the hardware and complementary accessories and appliances that you wish to include during installation.
Why Choose Kitchen Magic's Kitchen Cabinets?
Kitchen Magic offers high-quality, maintenance-free custom cabinetry that is made to last a lifetime. Even so, you can rest assured knowing that we also provide an extensive warranty to cover any product peels, chips, or bubbles that may occur as a result of regular home use. Our materials also emit low VOC to reduce the risk of your new cabinetry releasing indoor air contaminants that may be detrimental to your health. Our products are all manufactured in the USA in a series of stunning colors and styles.

For more information about our kitchen cabinets, feel free to contact us today. You can also call us at (800) 237-0799.

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