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Professional Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing in Milford, Meriden & other CT Cities

Rejuvenating your old cabinetry and updating your cooking area with expert-level kitchen cabinet makeovers since 1979.

Breathing new life into your cooking space has never been easier

Kitchen cabinets see a lot of use, so they will naturally become faded, chipped, or otherwise worn as they age. Luckily, the renovation specialists at Kitchen Magic are fully equipped to beautify your property and make your old storage solutions look good as new. With our excellent track record and 40 years of experience, we’re the leaders in kitchen cabinet refacing in Milford, Meriden, and other communities throughout Connecticut, as well as the country.

Our kitchen cabinet remodels follow a streamlined approach

It's not enough for us to simply provide our clients in Meriden, Milford, and other areas in CT with updated storage. We want to accomplish this in a highly efficient manner that ensures maximum convenience and top-notch results every time. That's why we use a highly optimized process that brings numerous perks:
STEP 1 In-home consultation
During an on-site meeting at your property, our specialists will examine your existing space and propose effective solutions for your kitchen cabinets makeover.
STEP 2 Skillful project leadership
Your renovation will be overseen by a seasoned project manager who will keep you in the loop and make sure your wishes and requirements are followed to a T. 
STEP 3 Expert craftsmanship
We never cut corners. All of the tools, materials, and techniques we use have been specifically selected for their proven effectiveness and dependability. 
STEP 4 Extended warranties & support
Ensuring your satisfaction is what we're all about. That's why we include extensive warranties with our services and provide comprehensive customer care. 

Bring out the best in your cooking space with our help


Carefully implemented by our seasoned installers:

  • Premium paints
  • Long-lasting protective finishes
  • Furniture-grade wood
  • Soft close doors and drawers
  • Hardware


Enhance the appeal of your storage with these accessories:

  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Increased storage space
  • Accessibility solutions
  • Integrated cooking hoods
  • Decorative additions

We're proud of our reputation for quality and customer service

Our experts in kitchen cabinet refinishing are supremely qualified to restore your cabinetry to its former glory.

Why we are the top experts in kitchen cabinet refacing near you


Guaranteed satisfaction

Your happiness is our priority. Should any aspect of your kitchen cabinet remodel doesn’t meet your expectations or needs, you'll be protected by comprehensive and long-lasting warranties.



We value our country and our fellow Americans. One of the ways we show this is by keeping all of our production and distribution in the US, and sourcing all materials from reputable North American companies.

Low VOC emitting materials

Our clients' safety and satisfaction is of major importance to us. That's why we use time-tested supplies and materials that won't introduce unhealthy chemicals or unpleasant smells into your home.

Vast selection of colors & styles

Our extensive catalog contains numerous materials and products, any of which can be personalized to meet your requirements. With Kitchen Magic, the options for your home improvement project are truly limitless.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you modernize a laundry room?
Kitchen cabinet refacing in Milford, Meriden, and other CT cities tends to be about 40-50% less expensive than a full replacement. It is best done when your storage solutions are showing some signs of wear and tear, but you're otherwise satisfied with the current layout.
Can I put new doors on old cabinets?

Absolutely. Our experts in kitchen cabinet refacing in Meriden, Milford, and other parts of CT are more than capable of replacing your doors with custom alternatives that are a perfect fit for your existing storage.

Does refacing cabinets add value?
And how. The kitchen is one of the main areas buyers look at when deciding whether to purchase a house. Giving your kitchen cabinets a makeover is a great way to upgrade your property in Meriden, Milford, and other CT communities and make it more attractive to prospective buyers.
What is the average cost for cabinet refacing?
Like all home improvement services in Miford and Meriden, the cost of a cabinet remodel depends on multiple factors. These include the type and amount of paint used, whether the old paint needs to be removed beforehand, who is doing the job, and so on. To get a free, no-strings-attached estimate, fill out our online quote request form or get in touch with us directly via phone.
Who are the leaders in kitchen cabinets refinishing near me in Milford, Meridien & other CT cities?

With a tradition that spans more than 40 years, Kitchen Magic is uniquely positioned to meet your every renovation need. In addition to Milford and Meriden, our services are also available in many other communities throughout Connecticut and the country.

Apart from premium-quality kitchen cabinet resurfacing services, we also offer:

Book your in-home consultation or fill out our user-friendly quote request form today. We look forward to giving you the beautiful and functional cooking space you want and deserve.

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