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Make the most of laundry and mudroom spaces

Surfaces for folding space for hanging, and storage make the ever-present task of laundry (almost) a pleasure. A space to capture outdoor items as you arrive home helps keep inside tidy and loose items easy to find.

Let's re-imagine the most-used utility areas of your home




Laundry is just a fixture of life

In many homes, laundry is a daily task, and each load is an investment of time and effort. Even so, the laundry space is often an afterthought.

Enjoy the benefits of a well-thought-out laundry area with every load! Affordable, customized cabinetry and surfaces are the answer.

Kitchen Magic experts can help you create a laundry space that optimizes your space and your time.

Contemporary Laundry Room


Mudroom to the rescue

Hooks, cabinets and cubbys keep coats, boots and sports equipment organized and handy and the rest of the house clutter (and mud) free.



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