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Meet the Best Kitchen Countertop Installers in Middlesex County, MA

Work with a trusted and knowledgeable team that understands the ins and outs of the remodeling landscape.

We offer a plethora of options for your countertop installation

We offer a plethora of options for your countertop installation

Whether you're looking to upgrade your cooking area with state-of-the-art quartz, granite, laminate, or solid surface kitchen countertops, you can't go wrong by giving Kitchen Magic a call. Established in 1979, we're a group of experienced installers and designers who specialize in helping homeowners in Middlesex County unlock the full potential of their cooking spaces. Our many loyal customers and 5-star reviews speak to the uniqueness and quality our service brings to the table.



We understand the journey is just as important as the destination

Kitchen countertop installation is more than just a home improvement project. It's an opportunity to vastly increase the functionality of your cooking area in Middlesex County and give it your own personal touch that will stand the test of time. To make enhancing your space as enjoyable as it is practical, we've devised a hassle-free process that ensures excellent results every time.

First consultation
Our designers will meet you at your place to take a look at your existing cooking area and discuss your needs and preferences for your kitchen countertop installation.
Detailed coordination
We will assign an expert coordinator to your project who will keep you posted with regular updates and make sure every task is carried out to the highest standards.
Quality craftsmanship
We never cut corners. From the preliminary designs to the final implementation, all elements of your project will be handled with utmost attention to detail.
Robust warranties
Your project will be backed by both labor and manufacturer warranties. Furthermore, our support staff is available to assist you with any concerns you may have.

Your cooking area is great, but it can be so much better

Leave your kitchen countertop installation to Middlesex County's leading specialists in home remodeling and improvement.

Why hire our kitchen countertop installers in Middlesex County?

Custom Cabinet Options

We work with acclaimed brands to provide our clients with:

  • Sturdy & beautiful granite countertops
  • Eye-catching solid surface countertops
  • Top-of-the-line quartz countertops
  • Sleek & affordable laminate countertops
  • Furniture-grade wood
  • Modern & dependable hardware
Wood Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Personalize every aspect of your cooking space by adding:

  • Inbuilt fixtures & sinks
  • Expanded storage space
  • Modern lighting
  • Accessibility features
  • Ornamental additions
  • Fully tailored solutions
Kitchen Magic Service Team

Our clientele can look forward to a smooth and stress-free experience:

  • In-home consultation with a designer
  • Personalized plans & layouts
  • Sturdy materials & cutting-edge tools
  • Real-time project management
  • Extended, rock-solid warranties
  • Prompt & responsive customer care

We'll be happy to showcase our past work:

We’re your go-to kitchen countertop installation contractors

We earned our name thanks to our customer-focused approach and a hand-picked team of top talents. Whether you’re located near the town of Marlborough or elsewhere in Middlesex County, our seasoned professionals know how to ensure your happiness. As a result of our meticulous work, we offer a variety of advantages to our clients - including the necessary qualifications and licenses, streamlined process, and a full-service experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Give your kitchen an upgrade that brings both visual appeal and value. Start by learning more about the process and what to expect.

How long do granite countertops last?
When implemented by professional installers in Middlesex County and maintained properly, high-quality granite countertops can last up to 100 years. For more information on how to keep them in great condition, give us a call and consult with our experts directly.
What is the most popular countertop material?
Granite, quartz, laminate, and solid surfaces are some of the most popular materials for kitchen countertop installation. Due to their unique characteristics, you may find them to be an ideal choice for your project. If you live in the town of Marlborough or an adjacent area in Middlesex County, contact us and let us help you find the right material for your home!
Do solid surface countertops add value?
A solid surface countertop installation performed by seasoned technicians is a great way to add moderate value to your property. Although it's no longer considered a luxury material, many property buyers still prefer solid surface countertops over other options in the same price range.
Will laminate countertops last?
Definitely. Laminate countertops can last a lifetime if they are installed by skilled, well-trained professionals and maintained properly. In case you need expert advice from local specialists in the town of Marlborough or elsewhere in the Middlesex County area, don’t hesitate to give Kitchen Magic a call!
How much should quartz countertops cost?
The price of your quartz kitchen countertop installation is calculated based on numerous factors. These include which contractors in Middlesex County are doing the job, how much material is required (measured in square feet), whether custom features such as inbuilt lighting or sinks are included, and so on.
Can laminate countertops look like granite?
Absolutely. Laminate kitchen countertops can be made to faithfully mimic all kinds of different materials, and granite is no exception. Reach out to us today to learn more about the different patterns and colors we have available.
How do I find a good countertop installer?

An award-winning countertop installation company is your best bet for success. No matter if you live in Marlborough or elsewhere in Middlesex County, the following guidelines will help you find a trustworthy team:

  • Check for client testimonials: Positive reviews indicate a company's ability to deliver excellent results.
  • Consider referrals: Ask friends and family for referrals if they have used professional installers in the past.
  • Get to know the company: Find out how flexible and responsible the company is by calling them.
Who are the best kitchen countertop installers in Middlesex County, MA & the region?
At Kitchen Magic, we pride ourselves on our outstanding track record and the trust our many returning clients put in us. In addition to Weston, Sherborn, and the nearby communities, our custom kitchen counter installation services are available throughout Connecticut.We can also improve your home in many other ways, including revitalizing your laundry room and refacing or replacing your kitchen cabinets in Middlesex County. Whatever your needs may be, feel free to contact us and schedule a free, no-strings attached consultation at your home today.

Reap the benefits of working with trusted countertop installers

Client-oriented approach

We use durable and timeless materials, and follow manufacturer-recommended guidelines. Every project is covered by extensive warranties that ensure our customers get their full money's worth.

Low-VOC Materials
Green products & processes

We value our planet and the safety of our fellow Americans. That's why we strive to reduce our environmental impact by utilizing eco-friendly, low VOC-emitting products, materials, and processes.

American Made Cabinets
Supporting US companies

We contribute to the local economy by keeping our entire distribution and production within the United States. We make it a point to source all of our products and equipment from North American businesses.

Cabinet Colors and Styles
Custom-made solutions

We can help you make your cooking area in Middlesex County truly your own. From laminate and quartz, to granite and solid surface, we offer numerous choices for your kitchen countertop installation.

Our durable construction brings lasting satisfaction.

We fuse top-quality materials and superior workmanship to produce excellent results.

Kickstart your kitchen remodel today


Learn how Cabinet Refacing can cost half as much as custom cabinetry.

*Kitchen Magic warrants our laminate products under reasonable home use and service for as long as you, the Buyer, own your home. Labor on all products is warranted for one (1) year from date of job completion. For a full description of our warranty, click here.

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