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Cabinet Refacing Timelapse

When it comes to any remodeling service, as a homeowner, you want the most streamlined process in the industry. A home improvement project should combine two benefits: exceptional quality and a reasonable project timeline. One of the allures of refacing is how easily it can deliver on both of those.

A full remodel can leave you without a kitchen for 4-6 weeks while refacing is typically completed in just 3-5 days of installation time. Note: this period will be extended if you are also getting a new countertop, backsplash, and/or floor.

When you have the benefit of a project timeline where installers can be in and out of your home in less than a week, this means:

  • Less Disruption: Reduced downtime with an unusable kitchen and disrupted lifeRegain full kitchen functionality and get back to life more quickly. 
  • Convenience: Easier access to essential kitchen items during the project.
  • Less Stress: Faster completion can alleviate the anxiety associated with a major renovation. Less Dust and Mess: With a shorter project timeline dust accumulation and debris are minimized. Cleanup during and after the project is far easier. 
  • Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing that the project will progress quickly and smoothly, not to mention reduced uncertainty about timelines and project delays. 

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