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Contemporary style kitchens are known to pull from many different styles to create a new, unique look for each kitchen. Like modern kitchen designs, contemporary styles stick to sleek structures and horizontal lines, but also have fun with different finishes and colorful elements. To achieve this look, think new appliances and sleek fixtures, repurposed old materials, updated accents, full backsplashes and decorative lighting. The key to contemporary style kitchen is to have fun with the design and mix materials, shapes and sizes for a custom feel.

Clean, crisp and yet homey, contemporary kitchen designs are more popular than ever. Frameless cabinets, with simple doors and hardware, translucent or frosted glass panels, bold geometric lines and curves, and a mix of natural and man-made materials give the contemporary kitchen it’s élan.

Although many people fear that a contemporary kitchen will look stark, cold or industrial, you can soften the room and yet keep a contemporary feel by including touches like glass pendant lights or wood cabinets or flooring. Touches such as stainless steel appliances and bamboo, or retro laminate patterns on a countertop, give the contemporary a custom, one of a kind feel that accentuates your own good taste.

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