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Company Culture

Often we spend more time with co-workers than we do with our own families. Work should be a place where contributions are acknowledged, and our talents and skills are utilized to help develop a fulfilling career. Kitchen Magic has always been a family business. Over the years, our family has expanded to include nearly 300 employees and their families, many of whom now have friends, sons, daughters, husbands or wives working with us. Employees often tell us that Kitchen Magic is a workplace where colleagues feel like a second family and a place of business feels like a second home. We thought it would be fun to ask for their ‘two cents’.
Take care of your people and your people will take care of.
Brett Bacho, Kitchen Magic President
In-Home Representatives
Installation & Production Department
Administration & Customer Service
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Field Marketing Representatives
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Working for Kitchen Magic for almost 20 years has been a truly rewarding experience. Being part of a family run business and knowing that I am appreciated for my contribution to its success makes it a pleasure to continue working past my retirement age. I enjoy my relationship with those I work with and the wonderful friends I’ve made. Its been said that if you like what you do, you will never have to work another day in your life. Well that applies to me so I guess I won’t be working for at least another 5 years and possibly longer.

Ken Maragni

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I enjoy the professionalism of Kitchen Magic. I enjoy the performance of Kitchen Magic. I enjoy the integrity I bring to the customer. I enjoy the comfort of knowing that Kitchen Magic will constantly “have my back”. I enjoy our once a month meetings and Brett's positive energy.

Marvin Moskowitz

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As a custom kitchen designer, I most enjoy representing a product and service that I can stand behind and believe in. It’s not an obligation, it’s my privilege!

Cindy Mitchell

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I know that when I promise a customer something, whether it be a certain installation date, duration of installation, samples to be sent, warranty after installation, Kitchen Magic follows through with it.

Joe LaReau

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The most enjoyable part of working at Kitchen Magic is the co-operation and hard work put forth by everyone behind the scenes. The installers and in-home representatives get all the praise in the customer response letters but the customer doesn’t realize all the little and not so little things that go into each and every successful kitchen that we install. I am happy and grateful for Kitchen Magic because they make my job easier and less stressful.

Joe Deluca

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I tell customers it’s like dealing with and working for Disneyland--everyone behind us is so helpful and polite--It's amazing!

Bill Bernard

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I most enjoy the staff and management. The people are great to work with and great to work for.


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The friendly work atmosphere and the Monday-Friday work week. And of course in turn, supplying customers with my quality workmanship.

Greg Dickinson

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Being a parent of two young children, a lot can happen that will interrupt your day. I appreciate Kitchen Magic’s flexibility with my schedule and being a family based company Kitchen Magic recognizes that family comes first!!

Gregg Moffle

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Kitchen Magic provides an environment that not only provides excellent customer service to their clients but also to their employees. They truly care about their employees. It is a pleasure working for Kitchen Magic.

Bill McCreery, Plumbing 'Billy Pipes'

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What I enjoy most about being part of Kitchen Magic is the ability to have flexibility in my work schedule when needed.

Gregg Schulz, Drafting

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The family atmosphere! The office staff is one of the best around. The company is driven to not only provide the absolute greatest customer service, but the same to employees as well. It is impossible to come to work and have a bad day. When you come in and all you see is a sea of smiles, how can you go wrong? Kitchen Magic is the best place to be!

Tonya Mecsey

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I've been with Kitchen Magic for over nine years now and have helped our customers from the beginning of renovation project, in the setting of the free estimate, all the way to the end of the installation. It is such a great feeling to hear the enthusiasm in a customer’s voice during the whole process. Our customers go from a kitchen that they feel they may have to live with, to the kitchen of their dreams! Everyone at Kitchen Magic works as a team to ensure our customers satisfaction. It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of that whole transformation.

Tara Mayers

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I enjoy many things about Kitchen Magic!!

  1. The family atmosphere—the feeling of being an intricate part of a large, active and friendly family.
  2. It has been an inspiration for me through the years to see Kitchen Magic grow from a small company to a most successful large one.
  3. I find it a pleasure to go to work each day; a privilege not to be taken for granted.

Rose Felver

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I have worked for Kitchen Magic for over 20 years. It has been a wonderful experience to watch the company grow up over those years. The different positions I have held in the company have provided me with an overall knowledge of Kitchen Magic, what Kitchen Magic stands for, and the commitment to all the employees. I have to say one of the best things about Kitchen Magic is the people. I truly feel that this is my second home and family. It is a pleasure to come to work every day!

Bette Mayers

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The magic of Kitchen Magic is its community of true teammates all striving together to do great things. It’s a place where everyone is given creative reign and the chance to contribute. I end every day with a feeling of accomplishment and that I’m part of something amazing.

Linda Fennessy

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Working for Kitchen Magic is the greatest experience I have ever had in the work field. Not only does everybody work together as a team but you are truly treated as if you are part of the family. Each and every morning I wake up and look forward to another wonderful day at work.

Jerri Stocker

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What I like most about Kitchen Magic is the friendly environment I work in. Everyone is always willing and ready to help you. And even if you just want to talk, someone is always there to chat with. The attitudes and the feelings here are positive and I think that’s the best thing ever.

Sammy Sebring

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I will be working for Kitchen Magic 15 years in June! I enjoy my job for two reasons: First-I'm a people person and I believe in the company. When I'm working I try to make it fun; I like socializing with the people I meet. I let them know what a good company I work for and tell them the history, warranty, winning national awards and the list goes on. Second, I have been many different places, met famous people and made lasting friends. Kitchen Magic made that happen!

Joan Foster, Rockaway Mall and Events

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Flexibility of hours, all crew are great and we all are working for the same goal. The automated check-in and out is a great advantage. Moving from location to location is great and not boring!

Michael Weiss

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I enjoy hearing good things about our company from our customers. They'll say things like, 'Kitchen Magic, you did my kitchen, we just love it' or 'you came to my house, we were so impressed you made our decision easy.' Not only do you take great care of your customers, but you make sure that your employees are happy as well. It makes me proud to be a part of such an outstanding company. Thanks for the opportunity.

Vera Allen

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What I enjoy most about working with Kitchen Magic is representing a product and providing services of outstanding qualities. I love helping people more enjoy and increase the value of their house. Representing a company that does more than what it promises and treats people the way they deserve to be treated makes work meaningful and fun. I particularly enjoy working with co-workers who are interested, committed and care. I liked drawing the winners for two $10,000 'Kitchen Makeovers.' That is not 'chump change'-call me Vanna White Junior! Explaining to people how much we want and can help them is challenging. Learning about what people want to achieve and showing them ideas is fun. I honestly believe that if you are considering kitchen work and don't have someone from Kitchen Magic discuss what 'magic' we can do for your kitchen, you are shorting yourself.

Ruth Unger

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  1. The meeting of people everyday and the wide latitude of interacting with them in order to: Generate interest in Kitchen Magic, our products and assisting with their ideas for kitchen remodeling.
  2. The pride of being with this winning organization.
  3. Management's assistance to give flexibility to those of us who are field marketing representatives.

Paul Butler

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I love when I offer people to sign up for a free raffle and the tell me that Kitchen Magic has already did their kitchen and how happy they are with the outcome-but even more than that how nice everyone is from the beginning to end and also how willing we (Kitchen Magic) were to please and satisfy them completely. Even though I didn’t the lead I am happy to work for a company with such pride.

Bonnie Tenen-Kraiem

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I bask in Kitchen Magic's warm, energizing working atmosphere… I savor time spent with my pleasant, dedicated,  co-workers who believe in Kitchen Magic's product and mission…the sense of camaraderie that pervades every part of the facility…the feeling that everyone enjoys what he/she is doing and strives daily to make Kitchen Magic the best that it can be…the fact that our Kitchen Magic leaders are good listeners open to suggestions and questions and who stand as a part of, not apart from, the work force…I am made to feel a vital part of the Kitchen Magic team, empowered to work freely to assist our customers make their kitchen

Bill Pfister

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  1. The people at Kitchen Magic
  2. Getting out and talking to people
  3. Talking about kitchen design

Stuart Berkowitz, Bridgewater Commons Mall

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I most enjoy when customers come up to me and brag about Kitchen Magic's performance and the pleasant people at Kitchen Magic.

Ray Gallant, Events










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