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Remodelling Checklist

Are you ready to start putting your home remodeling ideas into motion? It’s a big deal to finally start that home makeover you’ve been dreaming of. Planning is crucial to the success of any home project; especially considering the costs involved. Here we have compiled a home remodeling checklist that will help to keep you on the right track and stay on budget.

Step 1 – Capture Ideas on Paper

First, you need to start by creating a plan to map out your end result. List your priorities to figure out what are your non-negotiable items, as well as those things that you can compromise on. Determine your budget so you will be in a good place financially at the end of the project. It is recommended to add 10-25% onto your budget to plan for unexpected circumstances. In this step, it is important to collect remodeling ideas from places such as Pinterest. Look for common elements and themes in your design, and work together with your contractor to bring them into reality. Finally, set a deadline to keep in mind for when you want the project to be completed.

Step 2 – Do Your Research and Get Estimates

Ideally, you would want to look for referrals from people you know when choosing a contractor. Start your research by looking at their websites and credentials. You may want to read their testimonials too. You should also find out whether they are licensed and insured for your project. After doing so, request estimates from two to three providers. Ask the important questions to gain necessary information from each contractor. Lastly, look through all the details well and make your selection. Consider the timeline, payment plan and any other potential issues.

Step 3 – Get Your Space Ready

You have to prepare your space for the remodeling job. If you need storage, consider getting a portable container to keep your belongings. This allows your items to be accessible when you need them. Make the necessary living arrangements for yourself while the renovation is ongoing. Consider carving out new spaces in your home for daily activities, or moving out temporarily. Additionally, major remodeling projects are worth remembering; so take photos before the process to observe the before and after changes.

Step 4 – Get the Job Done  

After hiring a contractor, it is time to start the transformation process! Make sure that you are available, and your contractor has your contact information. Check in regularly to catch any potential mistakes and always be sure to clarify your needs. Make a list of things you want to get done and communicate to your contractor to make sure you are both on the same page, and your expectations are reasonable. Only make the final payment when everything has been completed. Finally, celebrate your success by moving your belongings back in, taking wonderful photos of a job well-done and inviting your friends over to celebrate!

Getting Started

If you are planning on remodeling, you have to consult with the experts. An experienced team at Kitchen Magic can help you with building your dream kitchen. A remodeling project can be fulfilling when you get to enjoy your beautiful home. Schedule a design consultation with us today!

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