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4 Most Common Remodeling Mistakes

Planning for a kitchen remodel and researching what your dream home in Lehigh County should look like? Before embarking on your next remodeling project, it is important to look out for common mistakes that homeowners usually make, as they could affect both your timeline and budget. Let’s dive right in!

What to avoid when renovating?

For maximum efficiency and success, avoid these common mistakes and renovation problems: 

1. Engaging the wrong contractor

There are numerous contractors and designers who can help achieve your renovation goals, but how do you exactly know which one to choose? It can be fairly easy to go with the first one you meet, but in reality, the wrong contractor would make or break your entire renovation project if they do not have the right attitude and experience.

Instead, perform due diligence by getting three different quotes from companies and read up on their reviews, testimonials and speak to each of them to find out more about their track record and service level. You can compare their quotes and evaluate which company suits your budget and if any of them are actually inflating the prices or not. Choose a contractor whom you feel comfortable with and can communicate well as the whole remodeling process involves many details and feedback.

2. Too much emphasis on aesthetics over functionality

It is indeed tempting to go over the board to remodel your kitchen with the most beautiful details that you can find in the showroom or home décor magazines. However, this notion may backfire if you place too much emphasis on aesthetics instead of the actual function of the furnishings and this may cause the need to remodel the place in no time. Think about the actual usage and function of the space, and design it accordingly to your requirements. This will save you headaches along the way when you find out that the item, though beautiful, does not actually perform its intended function.

3. Using low-quality materials

Perhaps you are on a shoestring budget and are leaning towards using cheap materials for your home remodeling, thinking that it will last for a long time. Unfortunately, it is not wise to shortchange yourself when doing your home makeover as this will have consequences down the road, such as quick wear and tear and damage to commonly used areas of the room. The cost of replacing new materials could in fact cost more than choosing good quality furnishings in the first place. It is advised to select the best materials within your budget and not skimp on important items.

4. A lack of planning for unexpected expenses

It is not unusual that there may be hiccups and unforeseen situations such as material shipment delays, a roof leak, or damaged pipes, which could affect your remodeling timeline and budget. It is thus recommended to have a 10% to 15% buffer on top of your comfortable budget, to manage such unexpected cost items so that you will have enough cash to tide over the whole project. This will help you when you feel stressed when such an incident occurs and give you peace of mind during the whole process.

Where can I book reliable kitchen remodeling services in Lehigh County? 

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