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Trusted Kitchen Remodeling & Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Lancaster County

Dedicated team of seasoned specialists you can count on.

We’ll help you create the kitchen you’ll love

We’ll help you create the kitchen you’ll love

With 40+ years of experience, Kitchen Magic confidently offers a selection of highest-quality kitchen remodeling, custom cabinetry, and cabinet refacing services to homeowners across Lancaster County. We take pride in combining excellent customer service with cutting-edge techniques, top-quality materials and equipment, as well as skilled craftsmanship toward achieving exceptional results. Our products are produced domestically, in Nazareth, PA, and include a selection of countertops, cabinets, sinks, faucets, flooring, pulls, knobs, and more. With meticulous approach and modern equipment and technology, our reliable team of experts will provide you with custom solutions that perfectly match your needs, keeping the heart of your home both functional and beautiful.

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How our remodeling services stand out from the competition in Lancaster County

Our team of experienced craftspeople delivers a range of premium-quality services that comply with the latest industry standards:

We’ve created a streamlined approach to kitchen remodels

Skilled design consultant
We’ll start by performing a detailed in-home consultation where our design specialist will evaluate your needs, preferences, and space to provide expertise-based recommendations for a new kitchen you’ll love.
Dedicated project leader
You’ll be assigned a detail-oriented project leader who’ll keep you informed throughout the project, all decisions regarding the style and the functionality of your remodel are in line with your requirements.
Experienced specialists
Our diligent professionals will take precise measurements, use quality and durable materials, and begin making your dream kitchen come true while adhering to the latest practices in kitchen remodeling.
Customer support & warranty
When our experts finalize your kitchen cabinet and custom countertop installation, we’ll provide you with extensive warranty options that ensure your peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first thing to do when remodeling a kitchen?
The first step in kitchen remodeling is usually demolition. Before you create and install beautiful new features that render your home in Lancaster County more functional, you need to remove the parts that are worn out or outdated, depending on the scope of your project.
Do you pick cabinets or countertops first?
When picking the perfect combo for your new kitchen remodel, the best way to create the design you’ll love is to first find the cabinet style that matches your preferences and your current kitchen style and colors, then move on to selecting the adequate countertops.
Do custom cabinets increase home value?
Custom cabinets are unique, and when you hire experienced builders and designers, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get a long-lasting piece that’s a perfect match to your style and provides adequate storage space. Apart from improving the overall appearance of your home in Lancaster County, it will also make it more valuable should you ever decide to sell.
What is the difference between cabinet refacing and resurfacing?
While resurfacing implies working on the surface level to freshen up the looks, cabinet refacing involves new components such as doors and fronts, leaving you the possibility to choose a new material, design, and finish for your kitchen.
Who are the leading specialists in kitchen remodeling in Lancaster County & beyond?
Kitchen Magic has been the leading remodeling contractor for more than four decades, making sure all your unique requirements are met. Whether your home is in Elizabethtown or New Providence, we’ll come to create your dream kitchen.We deliver our meticulous services across the area, so feel free to reach out to us for expert kitchen remodeling in Carbon County or detailed cabinet refacing in Berks County. Give us a call today.

Premium-quality kitchen remodeling services for Lancaster County homeowners

Count on our diligent team to assist you remodel your kitchen throughout the region:

Trusted kitchen remodelers in Elizabethtown
Our reliable remodeling contractors at Kitchen Magic can enhance the functionality of your home by rendering outstanding performance and utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology to render your space both functional and gorgeous. Our talented and experienced team is capable of delivering custom solutions that meet your needs.Whether you’re looking to install new custom made cabinetry or just improve the looks of your existing pieces by going for our reliable cabinet refacing services, our professional consultants and designers in Elizabethtown will be at your disposal to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.
Expert kitchen remodeling in Ephrata
Our seasoned experts will take excellent care of your home during your improvement project. As the number-one kitchen remodeling company in Ephrata and other nearby areas, we provide our clients with highest-quality services that completely match your needs and specific requirements. Our reliable team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals utilizes top-notch equipment and tools and fosters a meticulous approach in order to deliver high-quality custom solutions that feature both beauty and functionality. Whether it’s cabinet refacing or custom cabinets, we’ll go above and beyond to make sure your home stands out.
Reliable kitchen remodeling services in Lancaster
With over four decades of industry experience, Kitchen Magic has become the leading kitchen remodeling company capable of delivering premium-quality custom solutions to homeowners in Lancaster. The expertise and devotion of our phenomenal team ensure outstanding results, regardless of the scope of your project. We offer different options for custom kitchen cabinets to ensure you choose the perfect design according to your desires. If you’d prefer keeping yours and only sprucing them up a bit, we offer a selection of materials, designs, and finishes for cabinet refacing. Give us a call to find out why we’re the number-one professionals in Lancaster.
Professional kitchen remodelers in Leola
When you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, you can count on the experts from Kitchen Magic. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and technology together with tried-and-tested methods to make sure you receive the high-quality solutions you deserve, and create a space that has both the functionality and looks you want in your kitchen. With our dedicated team of knowledgeable artisans, we’re capable of carrying out home improvement projects of any scope, including cabinet refacing and durable custom cabinetry. We also provide extensive warranties for your absolute peace of mind, leaving you to enjoy all the benefits of your new kitchen in Leola.
Comprehensive kitchen remodeling in Lititz
If you’re about to remodel your kitchen in Lititz, you can rest assured that experts at Kitchen Magic have exactly what it takes to deliver projects with maximum efficiency and dedication. We take pride in our team of experienced, hardworking, and skilled professionals capable of delivering exceptional custom solutions.Our services include custom kitchen cabinets and cabinet refacing, so let us know about your desires, no matter the scope of your project. We will go above and beyond to attentively listen to your preferences and requirements and implement them with utmost efficiency.
First-rate kitchen remodeling company in Manheim
Kitchen Magic has been the go-to provider of premium-quality kitchen remodeling services in Manheim and the nearby areas. Our dedicated team of experienced, certified, and skilled professionals always ensures you receive an optimal solution that’s tailored to your preferences and specific requirements.We use cutting-edge technology and equipment and apply meticulous methods to deliver cabinet refacing, custom cabinetry, or any other features and details you may require. We ensure your peace of mind and utmost satisfaction by providing comprehensive warranties for each kitchen remodel in Manheim.
Millersville’s leading kitchen remodelers
As the leading specialists in the industry backed by more than four decades of experience, Kitchen Magic is your go-to kitchen remodeling contractor in Millersville. You can count on us for any type of kitchen improvement project you’d like to undertake to render your home more functional and aesthetically pleasing.Whether you’d like to reface your kitchen cabinets or go for new custom cabinets, we can do it all by implementing the highest-quality materials, advanced technology, and state-of-the-art equipment for a final product you’ll love. We also offer extensive warranties and dedicated support even after finalizing your project in Millerville.
Dedicated kitchen remodeling services in New Holland
When your kitchen in New Holland needs sprucing up, Kitchen Magic is your strongest ally as the leading provider of kitchen remodeling services throughout the region. Our meticulous crew of experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated professionals always ensures uncompromising precision and care. Whether you’re planning to implement new custom made cabinets or you’re interested in cabinet refacing, our crew has what it takes to provide outstanding performance that guarantees your satisfaction and the quality of the final results. Give us a call and find out why we’re New Holland’s number one industry specialists.
Reputable kitchen remodelers in Pequea
If you need a comprehensive kitchen remodel for your home in Pequea, reach out to our experts at Kitchen Magic. As the leading specialists who deliver premium-quality results to homeowners across the region, we focus our efforts on providing exceptional customer satisfaction and ensuring you get the quality service you deserve.Our crew of reliable and well-trained experts is dedicated to providing high-quality custom solutions, including cabinet refacing and new custom cabinetry. We use top-of-the-line tools and equipment and apply advanced methods to ensure all your desires and specific requirements are met.
Willow Street’s number one kitchen remodeling company
If your home requires thorough kitchen remodeling, we’re the team you can count on. We take pride in our effective methods, seasoned experts, and advanced tools and equipment, allowing us to deliver exceptional performance and ensure your complete satisfaction. Be it cabinet refacing, custom cabinetry, or a complete kitchen remodel, we can take it on with utmost precision and care, leaving you with the custom results you’ll love. Feel free to reach out to us in Willow Street and let us show you why we’re the leading experts in our field.

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Why we’re the top-rank specialists in kitchen remodeling

First-rate materials

We are committed craftspeople who use first-grade materials to build a beautiful, long-lasting, and solid kitchen that meets your requirements.

Genuine quality

We ensure the exceptional quality of our products by exclusively opting for superior-quality materials by our reputable partners in North America.

Client satisfaction

Every project we undertake is backed up with comprehensive warranties that ensure your kitchen retains its beauty and functionality for many years.

Aesthetics & versatility

Feel free to browse through the vast range of materials, styles, and finishes we offer to render your kitchen gorgeous and exactly to your own taste.

The uncompromising quality of our work renders utmost satisfaction

We deliver peerless results by combining highest-grade materials and superior workmanship.

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Learn how Cabinet Refacing can cost half as much as custom cabinetry.

*Kitchen Magic warrants our laminate products under reasonable home use and service for as long as you, the Buyer, own your home. Labor on all products is warranted for one (1) year from date of job completion. For a full description of our warranty, click here.

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