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Groveland Cabinet Refacing & Kitchen Remodeling

Who is Kitchen Magic?

Kitchen Magic specializes in cabinet refacing in addition to full service kitchen remodeling. We offer hundreds of possible colors and style combinations so that your dream kitchen can become a reality. To ensure there is never a back order and that all pieces match, we build each kitchen one at a time.

Kitchen remodeling has been our passion for more than 35 years. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We have more than 5000 references, many from right here in Groveland.

Cabinet Refacing

If you've been considering cabinet refacing, you might already have more than half of what you need for the project! This is because cabinet refacing works with your existing cabinet structure, meaning your kitchen stays intact during the remodeling process. After all, If your kitchen is well-designed and fully functional, there is no reason to tear out your original cabinets. Refacing still allows you to make all the upgrades that you would be able to make with new cabinets, including additional new matching cabinetry for extra storage space, luxury kitchen countertops, and all of the modern accessories. Best of all, you will save up to half the cost of all new!

Custom Cabinets

New custom cabinets are the best option for Groveland residents not considering cabinet refacing, or are looking to make a significant change to their existing kitchen’s layout. Our custom cabinets can be designed to exact specifications, non-standard dimensions, and shapes. In other words, we build cabinets for your kitchen - we don’t assume your kitchen was built for ours. In addition, we can construct built-in office nooks, food-prep stations, or even that free-standing island you’ve always wanted. As long as you have the ideas, we have the skill to get the job done.

Luxury Countertops

Kitchen countertop choices grow exponentially every year. That's why it’s so important that you find an honest, reputable, and knowledgeable company to help you select the countertop that is best suited for you. Here at Kitchen Magic, we love to learn everything there is to know about kitchen countertop surfaces so we can pass this knowledge along to our customers. 

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