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Corian Quartz Countertops

The countertop formerly known as Zodiaq®, notorious for generating kitchen-envy in everyone who sees it!

Corian® Quartz by DuPont™

The engineers at DuPont officiated over a perfect marriage between science and nature, resulting in the stunning countertop material that is Corian Quartz (formerly known as Zodiaq.

Not to be confused with Corian Solid Surface, Corian Quartz is made up of 93% pure quartz—one of the hardest material found in nature. So, it’s not only incredibly durable and resilient to damage, it shines and shimmers with all the luster of pure quartz crystal.

This kitchen surface material is for those who want to bring natural elements into their design, without dealing with all the maintenance they usually require.

See Corian Quartz Colors
Corian Quartz Kitchen Countertop
Corian Quartz Waterfall Edge Countertop
Corian Quartz, Formerly Know as Zodiaq
Zodiaq Quartz is now Corian Quartz
Dark Corian Quartz Countertop

The Benefits of Corian Quartz

Hi-Gloss Finish

The dazzling quartz crystals within Corian Quartz are illuminated by its hi-gloss finish, enabling your countertop to shine-on like a crazy diamond!

Strong Material

Very few materials found in nature are harder than quartz (hint: granite isn’t one of them!) Corian Quartz has all the resilience of its main ingredient.

Durable & Reliable

Corian Quartz is highly durable, with resistance to heat, scratches, and stains—minimizing the need for both short- and long-term maintenance.

Advantages Over Granite

Granite is porous, with tiny holes where germs can hide, so it requires regular sealing. It also releases radon into your home. Not a concern with quartz!

10-Year Warranty

DuPont, in business since 1806, stands behind their Corian Quartz products with a 10-year warranty. So, you’ll be covered for an entire decade.


Corian Quartz qualifies for sustainable design, meeting or exceeding strict emissions guidelines for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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