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Reliable Kitchen Countertop Installation Contractors in Plymouth County, MA

Beautify your cooking space and increase its functionality with the help of the top remodelers in Massachusetts.

Having the right experts on your side makes everything easier

Having the right experts on your side makes everything easier

Founded in 1979, Kitchen Magic is a respected house renovation company that brings high-quality kitchen countertop installation and replacement services to homeowners across Plymouth County. As a firmly customer-oriented business, we treat every job as its own work of art and spare no effort when it comes to ensuring our clients' satisfaction. Our decades-long tradition and numerous successful projects speak to the uniqueness and quality our team brings to the table.

Custom Cabinetry

The best countertop installers in Plymouth County bring numerous perks

We place great importance not only on the end result, but also on customer experience as a whole. Our approach is built from the ground up to achieve excellent results every time and provide crucial guidance to our clients at every stage. When you work with us, you can count on:

Initial in-home consultation
We'll schedule a meeting at your property to learn about your ideas, needs, and wishes, and familiarize ourselves with your existing cooking space.
Detailed project coordination
Your kitchen countertop installation will be overseen by a professional project manager who will make sure everything is done to the highest standards.
Expert-level craftsmanship
We pride ourselves on the quality of what we provide. All tasks are performed using sturdy materials, advanced hardware, and state-of-the-art workmanship.
Comprehensive warranty coverage
We back our work with extensive warranties. We also have a fast and responsive customer support team that can resolve any concerns with speed and efficiency.

Meet a highly experienced team that cares about your needs

Outsource your kitchen countertop installation in Plymouth County to us and enjoy a smooth process that leaves nothing to chance.

Why choose our kitchen cabinet installation contractors

Custom Cabinet Options

We partner with the leading industry players to bring you:

  • Eye-catching granite countertops
  • Gorgeous quartz countertops
  • Long-lasting solid surface countertops
  • Cost-effective laminate countertops
  • Furniture-grade wood
  • Cutting-edge hardware
Wood Custom Kitchen Cabinet

We can add a variety of custom features to your cooking area:

  • Inbuilt sinks & fixtures
  • Extra storage space
  • Modern illumination
  • Accessibility functionalities
  • Decorative additions
  • One-of-a-kind solutions
Kitchen Magic Service Team

Eliminating hassle and providing a great experience is what we're all about:

  • On-site consultation with a specialist
  • Personalized designs & layouts
  • Tried-and-true materials & tools
  • Real-time project coordination
  • Extended & detailed warranties
  • Helpful customer care team

Check out some of our previous projects:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to install granite kitchen countertops?
And how. Granite countertops that were put up by professional countertop installation contractors look gorgeous, last forever, don't depreciate in value and may even increase the worth of your property in Plymouth County, are resistant to heat and bacterial contamination, and are easy to maintain. They offer incredible value for the money.
What is the advantage of solid surface kitchen countertops?
Solid surface countertops are extremely durable. If the installation was performed by trained professionals, they will typically last for decades. They're also nearly non-porous, which helps keep germs away and makes cleaning easier. Finally, they're easy to repair and highly unlikely to crack
Can you install quartz kitchen countertops yourself?
Quartz countertop installation is a task best left to reputable contractors in Plymouth County. Not only does working with this material require professional-grade equipment and training, the weight and size of these slabs can make handling them hazardous if you're a layperson.
How much do laminate kitchen countertops cost?
It depends on the size and complexity of your cooking area, whether you have old counters that need to be removed beforehand, whether extra features such as integrated sinks are included, which countertop installation contractors are doing the job, and so on. To obtain a precise quote, contact Kitchen Magic.
Who are the best kitchen countertop installers in Plymouth County, MA & the region?

Here at Kitchen Magic, we can proudly call ourselves one of the leading providers of home improvement services in Marshfield, Bridgewater, and other communities across the county. In addition to countertop installation, we can also rely on us to meet all your cabinet resurfacing needs, up to and including supplying you with complete kitchen cabinet makeover in Plymouth County and across the region. Our offering also includes expert-grade laundry room renovations, and more.

Reach out to us today if you'd like to learn more about who we are or schedule your on-site consultation.

Why hire our kitchen countertop installation contractors?

Happiness guaranteed

To ensure our clients in Plymouth County always get the full value of their money, we cover our services with customer-friendly warranties that protect their investment and give them peace of mind.

Low-VOC Materials
Non-toxic materials

We're passionate about keeping our planet and our fellow Americans safe. To minimize our environmental footprint, we use only eco-friendly, low VOC-emitting supplies, materials, and methodologies.

American Made Cabinets
Supporting American jobs

We make it a point to keep our entire production and distribution chain within the US. We also support our economy by sourcing all of our tools and products from locally owned businesses.

Cabinet Colors and Styles
Extensive customizability

Our services can be tailored for your specific needs and preferences. From granite and quartz, to laminate and solid surface, the options for your kitchen countertop installation are truly endless.

Our durable construction brings lasting satisfaction.

We fuse top-quality materials and superior workmanship to produce excellent results.

Kickstart your kitchen remodel today


Learn how Cabinet Refacing can cost half as much as custom cabinetry.

*Kitchen Magic warrants our laminate products under reasonable home use and service for as long as you, the Buyer, own your home. Labor on all products is warranted for one (1) year from date of job completion. For a full description of our warranty, click here.

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