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Secret Kitchen Makeover Inspired by Mother Nature

Dec 8, 2017 | Linda Fennessy

Living in a very rural area, these homeowners love nature and enjoying the great outdoors. While spending time regularly in their kitchen, they wanted to bring in all those same basic colors and textures seen in nature. Although, spending a lot of money on a kitchen overhaul wasn’t feeling very natural.

Their kitchen was spacious with a lot of cabinets, making it a fairly expensive remodel should they replace them. Cabinet refacing was the ideal remodeling solution to maintain the layout, update its style and stay within budget.


A Worn Out Kitchen Transforms Into a Natural Beauty

While they wanted a cabinet color from nature’s palette, they still really didn’t want a to veer far from their existing golden-oak color. Secret is a combination of maple and oak for a nature-inspired motif. The Vintage style is a timeless choice that exudes prominent detailing, without being overstated.

That wood-look feels natural

The brighter tones of Secret offer natural toning and a fairly big conversion of color from oak. The Mrs. of the home believes in natural wood, its random knotting and movement of its grain. We recommended our maintenance free material that comes in hundreds of colors and faux woods. Further enhancing the natural beauty of this design, we added under cabinet lighting to illuminate the bright, new colors.


Cabinet Refacing is eco-friendly

Thinking of nature again and our environment, the homeowner preferred not to fill up the local landfill with perfectly good boxes. Especially since she kept them in such good condition, giving them love and care throughout the years. Fortunately, refacing doesn't make a negative footprint on the environment. It also saved thousands of budget dollars to go towards other high-end features within their kitchen remodel.

Back to Nature Again with Natural Stone

The homeowners were so pleased with the inherent warmth of the Secret colored cabinets, they decided to continue to that end. Choosing natural Cambria countertops in Buckingham, which contain tones of gold, brown and beige.


A new nature-esqe kitchen

While this landscape-esque palette of colors and materials carries through, so will their love of spending time in the kitchen and entertaining. Now in a kitchen they can be proud of—new, improved and all inspired by mother nature. Let Kitchen Magic enlighten you to some custom kitchen solutions.


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