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Cabinetry Design

Cabinet designs could be used just to store the items you have for your kitchen or even showcase your unique personality through the design of your kitchen. If you have been wondering which cabinet designs suit you, read on to find out more.


The combination of plywood cabinets and laminate finishes is the most commonly found in homes. Hardwood is another material that is also mostly used in kitchens. It is arguably the most suited durable material or wood for kitchen cabinets.

If you are just looking for the refacing of your cabinets, you can look for us too! We specialize in cabinet refacing, and we also have listed out the four main and crucial steps to help you achieve your dream cabinets. To summarize, we remove the doors of your cabinet then we double laminate your frames. After that, we add a high-quality veneer and install all new doors & drawers.

Optimize the Space

Here are four tips we would like to share with you:

  • Deep storage drawers: It is very important to have deep storage if you have lots of bowls or pots and pans to fill.
  • Drawer organization: Cutlery trays to organize your cutlery, or storing your knife blocks, spices you have.

You could also consider showcasing your personality using shelving and display cabinets in the kitchen for spices or even outside the kitchen for your books.


If you cook regularly, you will then need a kitchen packed with storage. Having a spacious kitchen with different cooking zones like western and Chinese would help you to better use those different spaces. We would recommend that you have both wall and base cabinets. So that you would be able to maximize the space and avoid cluttering your countertops with spices or pots. If you have children at home, for their safety, you could install a pull-out pantry as they are too heavy, and they would not be able to pull out those pantries. You could also look at different ways to store your items and we have just what you need for your kitchen. Pull-out trays would be well suited for use if you need easy access and the most optimum use of storage spaces.

If you cook occasionally on the weekends only, then you might want to minimize the wall cabinets and increase the number of base cabinets. This would allow your kitchen to look more uncluttered and more open space.

What if you have too much kitchen space and hardly cook? Well, rather than making a common remodeling mistake by  wasting your cabinet space, use them to store your breakfast items such as cereals, coffee powder, wine, or even magazines!

Envision your Overall Cabinet Design

  • Do you want the look of your kitchen to be traditional or casual? This would then affect the shades and textures of your cabinet.
  • What about the tones of your cabinet? Wood or painted?
  • The tile floors or countertops along with others would affect the overall look of your kitchen too!
  • What is the main point of your kitchen? Would it be a large window or an island in the kitchen?

If you're thinking about remodeling your kitchen, schedule a free design consultation with us and request an estimate.

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