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Cabinet Materials

Are you considering renovating your kitchen? In addition to choosing a new kitchen design, you should also choose your cabinets and their materials wisely. When you choose high-quality cabinet materials, they can also help enhance the look of your kitchen. At Kitchen Magic, we offer a wide range of cabinet materials. Find out which option suits your home the best!

Quartz Countertops

These countertops are very sanitary and sustainable which comes in a many colors and patterns. Many have appreciated their effort to imitate and even better the quality as compared to other natural stone products.

These stylish designs are the result from post-consumers. It is done through recycling and the virtual perfection is only made perfect with natural rocks or marble pieces. Although these countertops are not of natural rocks, they are very environmentally friendly. Also, this material does not wear and tear easily.

Cambria® is also committed to recycle 100% of the water used during the manufacturing process and scrap the wastes into the local road construction projects.

HanStone® is also committed to making your home more beautiful which is why they offer you with a very affordable countertop option. Instead of the expensive natural stones or marble slabs.


Granite has been used by many manufacturers to make fake countertops that only occur on Earth naturally. All of the granite colors are of very different shades and patterns. The photos which you see online or printed out onto posters could vary very differently. Hence, the best way to view a granite counter would be by the lightings in your own kitchens or homes. In addition to that, it also has a life-time warranty too.


These smart laminate countertops of today would prove the idea that only fashionable countertops are expensive wrong! If you would love a new look for your kitchen, but do not have the budget for a natural stone countertop let us make laminate your top choice for your cabinets.

You would be able to purchase the high-end look of natural stones at a far lower price and you be able afford imitated natural stone which surpasses the original look of the stone. These countertops are stylish, and it has an exclusive look at a certainly affordable price.

Corian® Solid Surface

  • Corian® materials are used to build durable kitchen cabinets that are resistant to bumps.
  • Any accidental scratches would be easy for you to remove you just need a sandpaper or an ordinary abrasive cleaner to clean all of the scratches by yourself.
  • This surface would not be affected by the heat. While any wood-based countertop would take in any excess moisture in the air.
  • Most of the owner of this countertop would choose to purchase this countertop again.
  • It is designed for a life-time use. Kitchen Magic will also provide you with a lifetime warranty.
  • This type of surface countertop would always be fashionable and luxurious with ever-lasting great style.

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